iPhone 16 And iPhone 16 Pro Leaks New Design, New Display

In today’s article, Regarding iPhone 16 Pro Leaks New Design, New Display we will get information about this mobiles made by Apple company, what new models are going to come in the iPhone 16 series in 2024, and what will be included in it. We are going to discuss the things being changed, when it is going to arrive, how much it will cost and many more.

Will There Be An iPhone 16 Pro?

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have already been launched in 2023, so now it is the turn of the iPhone 16 which will be launched in 2024 but we can guess its date but there is no news yet. We will get information here on all the topics that are being discussed.

As we know, of all the early models of iPhone 16, it is the one that sells the most in India because its price is slightly lower than the Pro level model of iPhone and it is the best-selling mobile, so let us discuss first. Regarding this mobile, what will we get to see inside it?

How big is the screen on the iPhone 16 Pro?

If we talk about the display of the iPhone 16 series, then four types of display size variants have been made here, from starting to pro-level models, the first thing to be discussed here is the iPhone 16 whose display size will be 6.1 inches above that, iPhone The 16 Plus will have a 6.3-inch display, the next iPhone 16 Pro will have a 6.7-inch display, and the top iPhone 16 Max Pro will have a 6.9-inch display.

iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Leaks New Design:

Now it comes to the smoothness and technology of iPhone 16, what equipment will be used inside the display, we know that the display with a 60 Hz refresh rate was given in the previous series but now the one coming in 2024. We can guess that we can get one of two things inside the iPhone 16 series, such as the first 120 Hz refresh rate display and lidar sensor. Till now, only one of these two technologies will be used on this mobile.

As you know, there used to be a volume control button inside the iPhone 15 series, but there is a little thing inside this button that has been changed on the iPhone 16 series, like now you can capture photos with this button as well. You can also control the volume, that is, this button has now been made an action button and this is the biggest update on the iPhone 16 series.

What Is Special About iPhone 16?

So let us now know what software and processor is being used inside iPhone 16. So friends, as we know that A17 chip was seen inside the iPhone 15 but from now on it will not be available because the iPhone 16 will be coming very soon. Inside we will get to see the A18 chip which will provide us with much more powerful and better performance than before and will work much smoother and faster than before.

The battery that will be used on every iPhone 16 mobile phone coming from Apple will be more powerful than before because many discussions have revealed that the 18 chips and separate action buttons used inside the iPhone 16 are more powerful. To provide more power backup, this mobile can run smoothly without any hitting problem, hence the best battery will be used on it so that there is no problem on it.

What processor is in the iPhone 16 Pro?

Along with this, as we have come to know, iOS 18 software support will be seen from Apple in the iPhone 16 series, which is much more powerful, and this is due to a new type of technology being used on this mobile. It will look more beautiful and its performance will also be better and we will enjoy using it.

The location of the camera inside the Apple iPhone 16 series has changed a bit, as earlier we used to see the camera at every corner, now it has been made vertical i.e. straight, which means you can see two cameras at the top and bottom. It will be available so that a slight change can be made in its video technology and that is why the mobile has also been reduced in size.

How many megapixels is the iPhone 16 Pro Max camera?

So now let’s talk a little about the camera, here as you know a 48-megapixel camera was used in the iPhone 15 series, so this time too it will remain the same, it has not been upgraded separately but The technology inside it has been changed a bit so that better photos can be captured than before and the quality of the photos can be improved.

As I told you, the camera position inside the iPhone 16 is being made vertical to get some space, hence a separate zoom sensor is being installed inside it because as you know, 5x zoom is used inside Samsung smartphones. So that the photo comes out better, the same will be improved a bit and used inside the iPhone 16 and that is why the smartphone has been made a little bigger so that the camera equipment can be fitted properly.

Will iPhone 16 Have Different Design?

If we talk about the display of the iPhone, then something different is being used inside the iPhone 16, although the same old panel will be visible on the display, the brightness of the display will be better than before. Microlens technology is being used as well and its battery power consumption will be improved a bit so that it can get a maximum battery, the mobile does not get hot and gets good performance.

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Is iPhone camera better than Samsung?

The biggest update inside iPhone 16 till now, if we talk about it, one very good thing has been included here, inside the camera, as we talked about earlier, a 48-megapixel camera will be used and along with it, another wide-angle lens has been used. It is being said that it is 48 megapixels, so now here we are becoming more curious to see how the 48-megapixel wide angle lens works and how is its quality.

Wi-Fi 7 technology is being used on the iPhone 16, which is even better and can also be called a great update because it was not used on the iPhone before.

What new things can we see inside the Apple iPhone 16 today? Let us discuss it a little today so that it becomes clear to us what new things we can see inside the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16. Mila Saathi, we found out what is the biggest difference between these two mobiles. The first of these comes the use of the A18 chip inside the iPhone 16, which can be called a very good update that has become more popular.

What is the battery capacity of iPhone 16 pro?

If we look at the next topic, there is a big update inside the iPhone 16 regarding the battery, which is the hitting problem of the battery, its power consumption problem as well as the danger of overheating and all these have been made very good inside the iPhone 16. So that like iPhone 15, we do not have to face any problems like before as we got the news earlier.

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Lastly, if we talk about something new, we will see something new inside the iPhone 16 which is the 5 Gen Snapdragon One Eye technology has also been included, so we can hope that this mobile is going to be very powerful.

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