How To Get Alart Mobile Notification

Introduction :

Hello everyone today here I will tell you how to get real time notifications for any Android app which will you use in daily life. It is very fast way to get alert for every notifications without delay your opportunity.

So let’s talk about this Android app where you can get many types of options to customise that your time notification feature and get all the notifications which is received in Android mobile.

First of all this is only for Android smartphones not for iOS versions because for iOS versions there are have another apps in Apple store but today I will talk about only for Android devices supported apps.

Process :

The first step are you need to install this Android app to click on the download button below so just click on it and then it’s automatically redirect on Google Play Store so just install this app quickly.

After installing open this app for configure Sun settings to receive the notifications alert of Android apps and you can select manually some apps which you need to get notification.

After opening you can see the application list of all the mobile apps so just select for toggle on the button to beside the app and it is selected for real time notification alert.

That’s all for the process to activate the notification alert system of your daily life use mobile app.


Thank you for reading this article if you have any queries then please put down your question in the comment section I will definitely check it as soon as possible.

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