Best Earning App Without Investment For Students

Friends, if you want to earn a little money sitting at home using your mobile phone, then in today’s article I will tell you about an application which can be used to earn a lot of money by doing a little work in your free time through your mobile phone. Can earn money. If you are a student or working somewhere, then through this application you can create your separate income which will prove to be very beneficial for you.


This is a very good application through which you can work alone, for this you will neither have to talk to anyone, nor will you have to play any game with any friend, nor will you have to depend on anyone. You can do all the work online alone through your mobile phone, for which there will be no need to take anyone’s help.

So let’s see what you have to do on this application and how you will be able to earn income, that is, which game you have to play on this application and after playing, how will you earn here and how can you transfer the money to your bank account. Today we will know the entire process that can be done.

How to Get This App:

First of all you will have to download this application, you will get the link of this application by clicking on the button given below and after that you will be sent to an official website from where you can download this application and the further process will be given to you. The points are explained below so that you can understand easily.

Registration Process:

After the application is downloaded, you have to open it and a page of terms and conditions will appear inside it, which you will have to accept and after that, if you are using this application for the first time, then you will have to register here first. To register, you have to give your mobile number and below that you have to give your email ID. After this, you have to write your favorite password here which you can remember and write the same password again on the next box.

You have to remember both the password that you will give here and the email ID that you will give so that if any notification comes or any needful news has to be sent to you, then you can know through this and along with this, you will also have to keep the mobile number active so that You can be contacted at the right time if any kind of information needs to be taken from you or if you need to contact us. And after that you can give the referral code by which you will be given ₹10 bonus on registration or you can also give no, there is no need for this and after that click on the sign off button.

Apps Interface Explain:

After the registration process is completed, you will be redirected to the home page of this application and there will be many types of options, let us know about it in detail. Already you will be able to see that ₹10 bonus has been given by the company if you had entered the referral code and along with this, here below you will get two settings, the first will be Classic and the second is Lite option, so after all Classic and Lite are both. Let us know what is its function.

Classic: So let us now know what will be seen on the classic option and how you have to work. So first of all let us tell you that this is a Ludo game application, that means you will be able to earn money by playing Ludo here. So if we go to the classic option, we will get three settings here, the first will be global, that is, you can play Ludo by connecting with any player all over the world, on winning, you will be given a bonus.

The second setting shown here is Friends, that is, you can play Ludo game with your friends by connecting them or by inviting them, so that you will be able to earn money by playing Ludo with your friends and this is also a very good opportunity. To play games and win them.

Along with this, the leader board is given here on the third setting i.e. out of all the people who play this game in the whole world, who is in the first, second and third place according to this, the complete list i.e. score board can be seen here. Where you can check the score daily or in a week or for this month, who has scored how much and how much money has been earned through this application.

Lite: Friends, as you might know that while playing Ludo, the dice have to come out one by one according to the number of colors and the one whose dice will be eliminated first is considered the winner in the same manner. In this option you will get to see a slightly different process because here you will know in advance what number is going to come and accordingly you can apply the dice inside Ludo.

If we click on the Lite option, then here too we will see three settings such as Global Friends and Leader Board. Here also you can connect with any people all over the world under the Global Settings and play Lite game. Are inside Ludo. Similarly, under the Friends option, you can connect your friends and play Ludo, but here you will know in advance what number will come.

And the next option of the same is Leader Board, here you can check who has been ranked and how much income has been earned in the Light Ludo game by playing the Ludo game with the help of this application, which will give you an idea of what is really happening from here. People can earn money and this is a very good game.

How To Play Classic Global:

Friends, now let’s talk about how you can play the classic global game, that too inside Ludo. So if we go to the classic option and choose the global option, then after going inside here we will see four types of color displays, out of which we will have to choose which color we like and how much money we will add on it. If you want to do so then it will be shown how much bonus you will get for being the winner and if you want to continue then this Ludo game will start.

Similarly, on the other hand, any unknowing player will be automatically added to Ludo at this time. The one who will play Ludo game with you on his own behalf and the one whose dice will be finished last will be considered the winner and the bonus of this Ludo game will be given only to those players. will be given and the game will end accordingly. In the same way, you can also connect your friends and play Ludo game and the method will be exactly the same.

Payment Options:

Friends, we have seen how through this application we can earn money by playing games, that too Ludo game for children which is very easy from which you can earn a good amount of money. So, apart from this, let us discuss a little about the very important thing which is the payment option where how you have to make the payment or what is its payment system.

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As told to you that on registration, ₹10 will be given as bonus here, apart from this, if you want, you can add money separately from your account, using which you will be able to play games here and can win good bonus. For which many types of facilities are available like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe or you can add money here through bank transfer.

Withdrawal Process:

That’s enough about adding money, now let’s talk about how you can take the money earned through this application to your account, which will generate your income, for this there is the same process as you have to click on the wallet option. You have to click on the withdraw option and give your account number or details, after giving the amount, this money will be transferred to your account immediately as soon as you continue.

Refer And Earn:

Apart from this, if you want to earn a separate income, then from here you can also earn money by referring your friends, that is, whoever will download this app through the invitation link given by you and will use your referral code, so that You will get ₹10 instant bonus and along with this the same will also be given to the person as ₹10 referral bonus.

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